Osram encourages the exchange of street lighting


traditional lampAccording to estimates , about 3/4 street lamps installed in Europe has more than 25 years. Well-known manufacturing company Osram lighting urges local officials to modernize street lighting , which would increase safety on the streets and reduce the operating costs of street lighting .

White LED lighting increases safety on the streets , because it better illuminates the dangerous and shady spots , which the traditional sodium lamps are not visible. In addition, modern LED street lamps can last up to 100 000 hours of light , which significantly reduces the cost of street lighting.

Lighting technology is advancing very rapidly . Development can not see , however, on the streets, where street lamps still dominated the previous era. LED lamps emit transparent, white light that appears to have a number of advantages compared to traditional lighting solution. Obstacle to the exchange of lamps can be but still high prices of LED light lights lamps .

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