LED illuminators – what lies their success

oświetlacze led

LED technology is not new. LED light sources are already public and can be purchased at any store oświetleniem.Nie can say, however, that have become the standard in every Polish home. The main barriers is the price and slightly worse quality of light compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

But there is a segment in which LED lighting is shot in “10”. These are LED floodlights.

What is the key to success?

LED backlights have a slightly different application than incandescent bulbs. They are used for outdoor lighting, and if we use them inside the premises is rather related to economic activity than in houses and apartments. Their main competitors are sodium lamps and LED illuminators metalohalogeny and win the competition with them practically in every respect.
Advantages of LED illuminators

If we take into account the quality of light, it still is worse than that of traditional light bulbs, but in this segment incandescent bulbs are not competing. These are her sodium lamps, and these belong to the lowest quality light sources and the weakest color rendering. In contrast with lamps metalohalogenowymi that have significantly better than the sodium light, but it is only comparable with LED lamps. Here I do not take into account the professional lamp for illuminating stadiums, because in this case the LED lamps are simply too weak.

The second factor is the price and cost of ownership. In this competition LED lamps perform better than the competition, which means we get one more lumens at the same power consumption. Affordable but are similar.

These factors make LED illuminators can meet everywhere. If you’re still using the sodium lamps or metal halide, be interested in a ledowymi their counterparts.

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