Candela Light Cd

Candela Light Cd

On the Internet you can find many definitions of light, the unit is Candela. It’s simple, because Candela, the light of which shines in a certain direction source emits monochromatic radiation of frequency 5.4 x 1014 Hz and energy efficiency in this direction equal to (1/683) W / sr., Or light 1/600000 m2 of a black body at a temperature of freezing platinum (1768 ° C) at a pressure of 1 atmosphere physical. The source of the definition is Wikipedia.

Well, I think everything is clear … I guess not everything

If I try to translate this definition in Polish, the light can be described as the intensity of light emitted by the source. If it was not for the light, you could also use to determine the density.

In practice, would inform the specified LED light output and apply a lens of the light distribution angle of 120 degrees, and then to use the same lens diode such as 30 degrees, this will give us a second configuration more Candeli. Understanding the essence of this unit is so important that information about practically Candelach is very valuable. We learn from it because unless we get really light on the surface, which will illuminate. Always bulb with more Candeli will shine harder than a light bulb with a smaller number of them, in a certain light bulb for the angle of light distribution.

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