Colour rendering index CRI Ra

Color rendering index,

or CRI [Ra], then the information on light sources, and specifically how well the colors around us will be mapped, if not addressed will be on the light from the source. The scale factor is 0 to 100, where 0 is the monochromatic light, that is, containing only a single color, and 100 to light, or sunlight. This factor is particularly important when it comes to interior lighting, because it affects the well-being of people who reside in these surroundings. From the popular light sources, anti example color rendering lamps are sodium, which is the most popular light source used in street lamps. No need to particularly look to conclude that the environment of such a lamp is practically in the color of light emitted by it. These lamps have a CRI at level 40.

At the other extreme are the most T5 linear fluorescent lamps that emit light with a CRI> 90 The light source should therefore be used in applications where color rendering is critical, such as clothing stores, or paint.

As to the LEDs, they are at a CRI of 70-90, and it depends on the color of the diode and on how much has been inflated performance. Higher yields are obtained at the expense of the CRI, and in terms of color, the light-emitting diodes have higher warm white CRI and may even be at the level of> 80 CRI LEDs 70 are cold or even less.

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