Light color Kelvin K

Light color Kelvin K

Another very important factor to consider when buying LED lighting is a light color . Generally, among the white light can be divided into three basic groups of timbre :

Warm white

Neutral white

Cool white color

These names , of course, are only customary , but well reflect the character of each color . However, in order to determine more precisely what color is it, lighting manufacturers express color in Kelvin [K ]

– The color warm is roughly in the range of 2700- 3200K , the incandescent bulb is 2800K

– The color is neutral about 4000 – 5000K . You could say that this is an intermediate color between white hot and cold . Some people use just to determine the color white .

– Cold color is above 6000K . This color falls into a delicate shade of blue and is characteristic of LED lighting.

It is also assumed that the flame of the candle is the color of 1800K , and clear skies in the day 20000K .

When choosing LED lighting should be guided by the principle, that the color of heat promotes relaxation , while cooler colors stimulate the body to be more active , so the house should buy a light bulb in warm white color , while the offices neutral or cool white . This is of course a scientific base . Scientists ” The Scientist ” shows that the higher the content of the blue light reaches the human eye , the lower is the production of melatonin , which is responsible for preparing the body for sleep.

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