Luminous flux Lm Lumens

Luminous flux Lm Lumens

Determination of the light bulb lit up with the help of its power is now impossible, because different types of light sources have very different performance, which means that, for example, 15W LED bulb will glow much harder than 15W incandescent bulb. This is due to the fact that most of the LED bulbs convert electricity to light, than doing it the traditional incandescent light bulb, or even halogen.

Therefore, to determine how much light a bulb worth a look for its luminous flux , ie Lumens [ Lm ] . They inform us how much light comes out from the source . Although it is difficult to determine in his mind how the bulb will light , however, we can compare it with others that also have a specific beam .

To turn determine the efficiency of the light bulb , the light beam divided by the power of the bulb , or Wat . The result is defined as the number of lumens of wool , which informs us about the quality of the bulbs .

Note, however, that information about lumens is enough to make the purchasing decision . For example, if we want light desks, we should choose the lamp with the light focused . Lumens tell us because of the amount of light that comes from the source. If the bulb emits diffused light , it needs much more lumens than the bulb equipped with a lens that focuses the light on the surface required by us .

A similar problem in the case of fluorescent lamps and LEDs. Traditional fluorescent lamps , fluorescent tubes glow that is popular around, ie those Lumens , which of them “go out ” spread throughout the interior , including the ceiling . Fluorescent LED diodes in turn are mounted on one plane only , which makes them a maximum angle of 180 degrees. If , therefore, the ceiling painted black, suffice LED bulb with half a fluorescent lamp lumens to get the same effect.

Are therefore more helpful to us such information as Candele (Cd), or Luxy and viewing angle .


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