Power rating in Watts W

 Power rating in Watts

Each bulb is determined by the manufacturer power, defined as the Wat, or W. In the simplest terms it can be said that the power of the bulb is the power that the bulb gets. In short, because some of the light bulbs draw more power than specified by the manufacturer, but in the case of LED bulbs does not really matter, because the differences are very slight and difficult to feel the difference in energy bills.

Power of light bulbs can also be regarded as a very general information on how much light is on. However, this is not accurate information, since, depending on the light bulb used in the power system, and the use of diodes, light bulbs have different performance. The differences may even be significant because one diode may have a yield of 50lm / W, and another 150lm / W Then the two bulbs of the same wattage świeciłyby completely different, the latter being three times harder.

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