power supply

power supply

Can be simply adopted for the LED bulbs, but also for most other LED light sources that they are divided into LED bulbs powered by 12V DC and 230V AC.

Lamps and other LED lamps operating on 12V DC external power supply require the use of 12V DC. Otherwise, if the bulb is wkręcimy lamps and we connect directly into the wall, immediately to sleep.

When it comes to turn on the light bulb and other sources, operating at 230V AC, can and should be connected directly to the network without using an additional power supply.

For easier distinction of working voltage at which a light bulb, all the sticks that are installed in the bulbs, are dedicated to a particular installation.

And so on 230V AC work light bulb on shafts:

GU10, E27, E14, G9

In turn, 12V DC working light bulb on shafts:

MR16 (GU5, 3), MR11, G4

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