LED Lighting

LED LightingLED Lighting

is the latest lighting technology, which was created with the need for light sources with the greatest level of efficiency, which is the least power consumption for a given light output.

In recent years, a lot of talk about environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect , which may lead to disaster earth . The need to save energy previously developed energy saving lamps , which are already extremely popular all over the world. On the basis of EU law soon efficient light source completely supplant traditional ones . LED lighting is therefore another , and may even have the latest technology, which will soon supersede other light sources .

What that means is that LED lighting is energy efficient ?

Each bulb , both LED , energy saving , but also has marked the traditional power he gets . Performance bulbs in turn determines how much of the power is converted to light. LED bulbs have the highest efficiency among all light sources, which means that relatively much energy is converted into light. The rest of the bulbs convert energy into heat. Low efficiency incandescent bulbs causes heat to such an extent , that after some time light can not take it in your hand , it may cause burns . Fluorescent would be hot , and the LED bulb even after several hours of light would only heat . This is the best proof that LED bulbs are the most energy efficient.

LED light sources can be found in virtually all forms, which are traditional light sources , and more. On the market are therefore:

LED light bulbs or halogen lamps in the shape of a traditional shape ( spheres, candles )

LED strip LED strips

– LED floodlights

LED tube

LED Ceiling Downlights

RGB LED light source

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