LED Bulbs

The most popular of LED light sources are undoubtedly LED bulbs . This is of course only the common name because the bulb of the meaning of the word is the source of traditional and equipped with filament . Should therefore call these sources such as ledówkami or LED lights . Name LED bulb , however, already had time to accept , because we will use it .

Are commercially available LED bulbs in almost every possible shape. They are produced in the shape of incandescent light bulbs , because it is intended to replace traditional light bulbs . You can therefore buy LED bulbs in the following shapes:

– LED -shaped halogen ( LED spotlight ) .

The most popular and most economically justified LED bulb . There is no substitutes in the shape of halogens in the technology compact energy saving lamps . It has a conical shape and can be easily used in conventional ceiling fixtures and all fixtures , which are dedicated for halogen lamps . However, one should be careful because some LED bulbs are longer than traditional halogen bulbs , so some fixtures may be too tight for them . Halogen bulbs are LED gu10 with handles (230V AC ) and MR16 (12V DC).


LED bulbs are halogen -shaped with the following LEDs :

- LED with LEDs traditional .

Their strength depends on the number of LEDs used , the LEDs 21 (1.2 W) to 80 LEDs (about 4W) . Most have a narrow viewing angle , which is about 15 – degrees, which emit light focused . However, there are copies of the scattered light . You can also find bulbs with LED power chip , which have a slightly better coefficient of performance . Using these bulbs is a decorative lighting , great highlight some places , they are often also used under the roof outside the house .


– SMD LEDs are the 3528 , 5050 and 5630 . The first ones are the smallest , so it can fit a lot of them . These bulbs have a wide angle of light , and thus emit light scattered. This may cause a problem of glare , which causes discomfort. SMD LED bulbs have a better performance than traditional LED bulbs . They come in colors of warm, neutral and cool . These bulbs can be successfully used for interior lighting.


They are characterized by high power lights. They have a wide viewing angle , which emit light scattered. This can cause glare that causes discomfort. It is therefore necessary to consider them in the lens mount . COB LED bulbs are even higher efficiency than incandescent bulbs SMD . They come in a cold color , neutral and warm . They can be successfully used for indoor lighting

- Power LED

The most common of the three 1W LEDs , but there are also copies of 1 or 4 LED diodes . You can also find power LED bulb , equipped with a 3 watt LED power LED . Characteristic power LED bulbs lenses are provided which cause the light bulb to the angle of the angle are 30 – 60 degrees. Thus emit light as focused, which makes them most similar to conventional halogen lamps . The lenses also provide no glare , thus the use of power LED light bulbs is not associated with a feeling of discomfort. They come in the colors of the cold , neutral and warm and successfully can be used for interior lighting.


This specific type of light bulbs allows you to achieve any color of light . RGB LED bulbs have a built- in power supply and controller . For each RGB LED bulb is included IR remote control , or infrared , which usually allows you to set one of the preset 16 colors . You can also set the program a smooth change of color , and the frequency of these changes. Colors may also change as a step-wise manner . RGB LED lamps provide unique decorative options because they allow you to paint a wall light and a daily change its color.

– LED bulb in the shape of a sphere (LED BULB ) .

They are dedicated bulbs as replacements for incandescent lamps in the shape of a sphere , that is, which I think everyone used in your home. Most occur on E27 (230V AC ), but also can be found on the shafts E14 (230V AC). Their shape makes it look like a traditional light bulb . They consist of a supply portion to which is attached LED (usually SMD ) and the lens , which may be clear or matt . In the case of filament lamps with frosted diffuser can not see the LEDs , so the LED bulbs with high-quality color of light it is difficult to distinguish from conventional incandescent bulbs .

- LED bulbs so . Candle

This kind of light bulbs is dedicated as a replacement for traditional light bulbs in the shape of a candle flame . This bulb works well in all kinds of chandeliers . There is practically only on E14 base (230V AC). Like the light bulb in the shape of a ball , they are usually equipped with SMD LEDs , although recently , you can also find these bulbs with LED power LED with a diffusing lens. Like bulbs kulkowate also occur with frosted diffuser and transparent

- LED bulb type CORN

These bulbs high power of up to a dozen in , to give you the opportunity to obtain a luminous flux of more than 1000 lm . The most common of LED SMD 5050 . They have a cylindrical shape , and the LEDs are mounted on both side walls and on the wall located opposite the shaft. As a result, these bulbs are lit all around, which is uniformly illuminate the entire room . CORN LED bulbs do not belong to the prettiest , so you should install them in lamps with shade .

Apart from the main shapes , as described above, the LED bulbs are also present in all other shapes, where you can meet incandescent bulbs . They are therefore small halides on the shaft MR11 bulbs to replace halogen lamp on the handle g9 , and even light bulbs to replace the light source used in automotive lamps .

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