LED floodlights

LED floodlightsLED floodlights

which are also found under the floodlights LED or LED lamps, is a professional LED light source with high power. They are used to illuminate larger areas, such as plazas, courtyards, advertising, billboards. They are also used in decorative lighting of buildings, ie. illumination of buildings. Successfully also can be used as lighting of sports facilities, or showrooms. LED floodlights therefore apply wherever used traditional halogen illuminators, or metal halide, with the difference that the LED floodlights provide savings on the current level of 80% compared to traditional halogen lamps.

LED illuminators or LED floodlights are the main LED array, LED power LED and LED COB . LED illuminators based on traditional main row of LEDs , however, does not offer spectacular effects , due to the limited and low light capabilities .

Better the deal for the increasingly popular LED illuminators at COB LEDs , whose power reaches up to 160W . These illuminators are a viable alternative to halogen light sources and offer real savings . Illumination Halogen usually work long hours during the day . In this case, the purchase of COB LED illuminator returns even in a year . An additional advantage is an attractive price . Traditional metalohalogeny halogens and also have a disadvantage which consists in the fact that during the charge integration time for a much more energy to ignite the light source . Additionally, when you turn off , wait until cool halo , which takes about 30 minutes. Otherwise, halogen and metal halide wears out quickly . Conventional illuminators therefore not suitable for use with a motion detector , which is their very common use. In the case of LED illuminators , the above described problems simply do not exist .

LED illuminators based on COB LEDs usually have a wide viewing angle , and therefore emit diffuse light , but you can also find these illuminators fitted with a lens that focuses the light and gives you more design options .

Illumination LED illuminators are also architectural form , used to illuminate buildings. This type of floodlights uses Power LED 1W or 3W in sufficient quantity. Thanks to the ease of use of appropriate lenses , architectural LED illuminators provide great opportunities illumination of buildings . In addition, there are also common architectural RGB LED floodlights , which also make it possible to color architectural lighting , which today is widely used , among other things, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw , or at the National Stadium

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