LED strips. How to choose the power supply ?

LED strips. How to choose the power supply ?LED Strips

LED strips light sources is that practically do not have the traditional substitutes. Thus, they are unique, and their popularity stems from the fact that it can be used virtually everywhere where we have a plane. LED strips therefore successfully illuminate any kind of recess, stairs, cabinets, glass shelves and everything that a man may come to mind. However, also have their limitations.

LED strips because you have to fund . It is true that there are in the market for LED strip working voltage of 230V , but this is only the margin . 95% of the tapes on the market which operates on 12V DC , so you need a suitable power supply, that they can light up . Thus, using LED strip should be provided as a place for the power supply and connect the tape directly under the nest very soon will burn diodes.

How to choose the power supply ?

Case selection of a suitable power supply is simpler than you might think. Virtually all shops offering LED strips can also buy AC / DC, so-called . 12V dc voltage . They usually occur under the name ” LED driver ” . Each power supply has a specific maximum power , which is a specific power devices that can be powered . On the other hand, each tape has a certain power LED that each gets its meter. Therefore check how many meters the tape we use and what is the power meter tape. Then multiply by themselves these parameters . Top LED power supply with the power to choose slightly higher than the power used tape because the LEDs when you turn charge it a little more . Higher power adapter will, therefore, for him healthy and prolong his life.

The LED strips are present in different types . As has already been written , the most common are LED strips running on 12V DC, with a single row of LEDs . On the market you can also find the tape row , but this is rare.

The parameters that are most different to each other tapes are SMD type of LED , and their density . Thus, we find the following types of LED strips :

LED strip with SMD 3528 LED , which is small . Such strips can be purchased from 30, 60 and 120 LEDs per meter . They differ , of course, power and luminous flux. 30 meter tape gets 2.4 W , 60 meter gets 4.8 W , and 120 meter 9.6 W. They come in the colors of the cold , neutral and warm . You can also find LED strip with both hot and cold , but it does not look too aesthetically .

LED Strip Light with SMD LED 5050 , which is large . There are 30 and 60 LEDs per meter . Meter strip of 30 LEDs draws 7.2 watts , while the 60 meter up 14.4 W.

RGB LED strips , that is, giving the possibility to obtain any color of light . Like tape 5050 are 30 and 60 LEDs per meter . Meter strip of 30 LEDs draws 7.2 watts , while the 60 meter up 14.4 W.

LED strips are in the form of silicone and silicone. The latter are admittedly a bit more expensive , but much more practical . Because they can be easily wiped when the dust, and when something is spilled on it , nothing will happen to them . You can also confidently install them in bathrooms . Silicone tapes are waterproof , which have IP at 63-65 , which means that even the rain is not dangerous for them . You can also meet IP68 tape that can be used under water. Note, however, that under the influence of the sun darkens over time silicone and after outdoor use tape suitable for exchange .

LED strips are typically decorative light sources . Just remember a few rules :

– The tape must be mounted so that was not visible LEDs , and only the reflected light . Looking at the SMD LEDs should not be because the most pleasant experience . Besides, it also misses the target, because the tape mounted in a prominent place instead of adding charm, unsightly .

– Inside Enjoy a variety of used tape denser spacing diob . In the case of tape ” rare ” because you will see the gap between the streams of light from each LED , which does not look good .

– It is better to pay extra and buy the tape. This applies to virtually all LED light sources . LEDs are sorted in the production due to the quality . Those that emit light of lower quality are of course sold cheaper. Therefore, buying the cheapest on the market LED strip can be sure that the color will be left much to be desired. And speaking about the decoration of the room and not the disfigurement .

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