LED tube

LED tubeLED tube

LED tubes, or LED light sources, which are to replace traditional fluorescent tubes, are constructed precisely to their shape. They are available in standard lengths of fluorescent tubes, which is 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 180cm. LED lighting are usually equipped with SMD LEDs 3528, but also meets with LED lamp 5050 SMD and COB. Emit scattered light, but only in one direction, which is an advantage over fluorescent lamps that shine around and often part of their light is wasted. For fluorescent Although often used the so-called. Raster fixtures that reflect light directed at the ceiling, but these fixtures quickly become dirty and reflect only a portion of that light.

LED tubes , however, have a lot of shortcomings.

– Often do not match the lumen output jarzeniówkom . In today’s technology and LED lighting only a white cold emit a similar power to the fluorescent light . LED tubes neutral or warm glow has a lot less of fluorescent tubes of the same length .

– The high price of LED tubes compared to cheap fluorescent light.

In fact, LED lamps offer significant savings . Their power is about half less than the power of fluorescent lamps of the same length . If , therefore, managed to create LED tube , which at that consumption would emit the same power as fluorescent light , it would be worthwhile to consider their replacement. LED tubes have thouhg other benefits , such as longer life and no greater power when turning . Fluorescent tubes need to work the starter and choke , which also consume energy . In the case of the LED tubes is omitted. LED tubes therefore charge up to 60% less energy than fluorescent tubes .

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