LED Types

LED TypesThe light source is LED lighting are LED (light emitting diode ). Among them are the following types of LEDs:

- LED main row

Most popular in Poland due to the lowest price of bulbs built on the basis of these diodes. However, they have the lowest level of performance among all types of diodes. Based light sources on these LEDs also have a very limited ability to generate light output due to the fact that one such diode has a certain , very small amount of power . LED bulb on the basis of these LEDs can therefore provide as much light as the LEDs will be mounted on it . The strongest bulbs found on the market are built with 80 LEDs and have the power to about 3-4 W.


Have the shape of a square or rectangle. They are characterized by greater efficiency than LEDs main line, which gives the opportunity to obtain greater power of light bulbs. LEDs of the LED can be distinguished 3528 , 5050 and 5630 , each of which has the next higher power . SMD LEDs are characterized by a wide-angle 180 degree light and dented the possibility of the lens causes the inability to get a different angle of light bulbs based on these diodes . Diodes 3528 and 5050 are also used for the production of LED strips and the common LED lamps


One of the latest LED technology. COB LED looks like egg yolk . The bulbs are mounted on only one diode of a specified capacity , which means that there is only a single , larger light source . Like SMD LEDs , LED COB has a wide viewing angle , but you can market to meet COB light source with lens focusing , which allows you to adjust the angle of illumination . COB LEDs provide ample opportunities for sources of light of high power. On the market you can find LED illuminators built on COB LEDs , which have the power even above 100W .

Power LED

That is, high power LEDs . Are found in power LED bulbs or high power LED and LED illuminators architecture . Their big advantage is the possibility to use any lens , which offers great interior lighting underscore some places and leaving other more shady . Most popular in Poland, high power LED bulbs are built with 3 power LED diodes , each of which gets 1W . The bulb is therefore 3W power and emit more light than traditional LED bulb , built on the 80 LEDs of the main series. Meets the Power LED 3W


Specific LEDs that emit three colors of light – R (red ), which is red , G (green ), which is green , and B ( blue) , or blue . After combining these three colors gives the color white , RGB LEDs provide much greater opportunities . It is a fact the intensity of each color separately controlled via an external or built-in driver . It can therefore be of any color of light through the selection of individual colors in suitable proportions . This gives unique possibilities of arrangement and decoration of buildings and structures and from the outside. RGB LEDs can be found in these sources of light, such as LED bulbs , LED strips and LED illuminators .

In addition, each LED has a specific color, and the color of cold (about 6000 K or more) is characteristic only for the LED bulbs . On the subject of colors , you can find out more in the section color LED lights.

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