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A specific type of LED lighting, which gives you the ability to set any color of light is LED lighting RGB. Thanks to its features it allows unprecedented opportunities for interior design, as well as the illumination of buildings. By using the drivers you can control RGB LED lighting in an easy and free, so you can change every day decor or appearance of the building by pressing a button on the remote control.

How does it work ?

Depending on the type of light sources, they are equipped with RGB LEDs that emit the desired color of light, or red LEDs , green and blue , each of which glows with a desired intensity. All of RGB LED lighting secret consists in that the three colors (R- red- red -green- G green , B -blue- blue ) included in suitable proportions combine to any light color. On the other hand, if you set all three colors in full force , we get the color white .

RGB LED Drivers

However, to set the color of light in the RGB light possible, it is necessary to apply the appropriate driver , which is a device that properly credited to each of the three colors , according to your preferences . Drivers for their control by the user are divided into 3 types : remote controller without buttons , the controller with infrared remote control and a controller with remote radio .

Naturally, the most troublesome is the use of the driver without a pilot , because each time you change the program requires direct contact. Better in terms of convenience are drivers with infrared remote control , because they can no longer control the distance , however remote control is very limited . It requires of aim the remote at the so-called . infrared eye , which is located on the driver. Depending on the quality control and the remote control device can control units from different distances , but the average can be assumed that it is 5 meters. The most convenient solution in this respect are the drivers of the wireless remote control , because they work even from a distance of 100m without the need to aim at the driver . However, they are slightly more expensive .

Drivers RGB depending on the model , they give various options. The simplest RGB LED drivers provide the ability to set one of the 16 available colors and smooth program or abrupt changes in color . You can also control the frequency or rate of change of color , as well as increase or decrease the intensity of the light .

More sophisticated RGB controllers make it possible to obtain more colors, due to smooth their agitation. In addition, the more expensive models are interesting programs change colors. Of course, with proper connection , drivers can operate at the same time more than one light source RGB .

The most advanced technology and providing the greatest opportunities are DMX RGB controllers . They are intelligent controllers that support more RGB light sources , which must have built the appropriate control modules . Sellers are these light sources , indicating that they cooperate with DMX controllers . This driver recognizes and distinguishes all connected RGB light sources and controls each of them separately. This gives you amazing features scenes that are not possible with standard RGB controllers .

Forms RGB LED Lighting

RGB LED lighting occurs in three basic types:

– RGB LED strips

– RGB LED Bulb

– RGB LED floodlights

To learn more about the different types of lighting, RGB LED , click on the name .

To control the LED strip RGB and RGB LED floodlight , you need a 4 core cable that is routed from the controller to the light source . Between power supply and controller use a standard cable wire 2 or 3 depending on whether you want to have a grounding .

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